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Marine Packages


Ceramic Pro & Boat Details

Mobile Boat Detailing – Floridians love to spend time on the water. Whether, it’s the Atlantic, The Caribbean or one of the many inner fresh water lakes and canals we simply can’t get enough. As a result of all these days on the water, we also have to spend countless hours cleaning and prepping our vessels surfaces. We know how time consuming this can be and Miami’s Detail Center and Ceramic Pro are here to help you out.

The elements in the Floridian climate take its toll on any surface it comes in contact with. Machines and vehicles left outside are exposed to the harsh humid elements and this is especially true for boats docked in water. Barnacle buildup, salt water damage and fishing debris can cost boat owners small fortunes over the lifetime of the boat. This is where Ceramic Pro Marine comes in.  Ceramic Pro Marine, along with our mobile boat detailing, will drastically improve the boats gloss, the hydrophobic qualities and have your boat moving in style. Miami’s Detail Center can prevent premature exterior and interior aging, protect any surface its applied to and detail everything else. Application of Ceramic Pro Marine to your boat keeps it protected, and there are packages for both above and below the waterline. The extremely durable and hydrophobic finish will keep what you care about protected.   Pair that with the added fuel economy and higher speeds and Ceramic Pro is a perfect match for your boat of choice.

Once you take your boat out of the water, the cleanup is the fastest you’ve ever seen. Whether it’s a jet ski, speed boat, pontoon, yacht or battleship the components of Ceramic Pro add substantial tangible value from day one. Leave it to the detailing experts at Miami’s Detail Center to get your vessel protected and make cleanup a breeze! Click here for a free quote.

High Gloss

Ceramic Pro Marine has a high gloss finish that surpasses OEM paint and gel coat quality. This means your boat will posses higher gloss after Ceramic Pro application than on the day you bought it.


Our products do not wash away through environmental hazards. Ceramic Pro Marine protects your surface from the most extreme environments. Whether you take your boat on a journey to the arctic or the equator Ceramic Pro has you covered.


Ceramic Pro Marine is a highly versatile coating. With it’s wide range of uses there is no surface on the boat that should be left unprotected.


Our products and applications are backed by manufacturer and dealer warranties. We fully believe that your experience with Ceramic Pro Marine should be the same on day one as it is on day one thousand.

UV Rays

Ceramic Pro Marine is composed of a revolutionary blend of UV inhibiting minerals to protect your vessel from the ultra violet rays.

Fouling Release

Ceramic Pro Marine reduces the surface tension of your gel coat. This prevents algae and roots from attaching to your gel coat. When there is no algae there is also no acids and tannin staining.


Ceramic Pro Marine can be applied in layers. The more layers the more difficult it is for contaminants to penetrate the foundation of the gel coat. With these added layers comes minimal damage from oxidation.

Self Cleaning

Ceramic Pro Marine contains a protective layer that makes it easy for any individual to easily wash off bird dropping, oil, fish blood or other stains. Long washes and harsh chemicals are a thing of the past once you apply Ceramic Pro to your vessel.

Benefits of Coating Your Vessel

  • Hydrophobic Finish Repels Water and Other Liquids
  • Protects Paint from Barnacles, Algae, Bird Dropping, Fishing debris and Salt Water
  • Extends the Longevity of Your Paint
  • Easy to Clean: Dirt, Debris and Grime are Easily Removed
  • Shiny, Glossy Finish