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Marine Protection Packages


Ceramic Pro Marine – Gel Coat Sealant

At Miamis Detail Center we offer several packages to get your gel coat sealant protected and minimize your cleanup times! Whether you use your boat for leisure, business, sport or a combination of these factors, Ceramic Pro will add value to your vessel. There are a total of four packages that our shop offers that protect all areas of your boat. Whether it’s the Premium Package that includes three layers of Ceramic Pro Marine above and below the boat’s waterline or an interior package that protects all of your cushions, plastics, carpets, rubber and finishes Miamis Detail Center has the services you need to get your surfaces protected.

Premium Boat Coating Package

If you like to go fast or want to improve your fuel efficiency then this package is for you!  The Premium Boat Coating Package provides elite protection to your boats exterior gelcoat. The gelcoat protects the additional fiberglass coats and will extend the life of your boat’s gel coat and the boat itself.

With this package you’ll receive additional protection to your exterior gel coat above and below the waterline. Backed by a lifetime warranty our expert technicians apply a total of three layers of Ceramic Pro Marine to the entirety of the hull of the boat. What does this mean for you? It means that salt corrosion will be mitigated, hydrophobic qualities vastly improved and better fuel efficiency for your boat. Cleanup is a breeze and you’ll be able to spend more time doing the things you enjoy (instead of spending time cleaning your boat).

All of our packages are catered to the individual size and type of boat. For a free quote for your vessel click here.

Gold Boat Coating Package

The Gold Package is catered to the individual who is interested in gel coat sealant protection above the water line. With this package we add three layers of Ceramic Pro Marine to the gel coat above the waterline. This will add substantial protection to the vessels gel coat and protect the exterior surface from oxidation, UV rays, bird droppings, and oxidation. This permanent protection will keep your investment glossy and looking great long-term. For a free quote for your boat please click here.

Glass Surface Coating Package

The Glass Protection package offered at Miami’s Detail Center is ideal for any boat with large glass surfaces. Nothing looks better than clean windows on a boat, and with Ceramic Pro Rain you’ll be provided just that.

We offer coatings to all glass surfaces on a boat that allow for easy cleanup and reduced maintenance. If you’ve ever spent hours working on your windows attempting to remove contaminants from the surface you know how time consuming this can be. However, when you coat the glass with Ceramic Pro, cleanup time is a fraction compared to an unprotected glass surface.  Ceramic Pro Rain possesses super hydrophobic effects and fills the glass areas that contain existing scratches and swirl marks. It possesses excellent wear resistance and water will literally  roll right off of the surface.   For a free quote for your vessel please click here.


Interior Boat Coating Package

Have you ever had to replace seat cushions, carpets or other interior components of your boat? If you’ve owned a boat for more than ten years, then odds are the answer is yes. With Ceramic Pro coatings, we protect your deck, cabin and interior components. Once the coating is applied, oxidation, discoloration and spills have an immensely difficult time penetrating protected surfaces.

The Interior Boat Coating Package protects all of the interior components of your boat. Our boat detailers carefully apply Ceramic Pro coatings to seat cushions, plastics, carpets, vinyl and rubber to protect from premature aging and oxidation.

By adding Ceramic Pro Marine Products, you’ll be proactive rather than retroactive. You’ll save money long term and spills will wipe right off. Ceramic Pro Marine products protect your investment and save you money long term. Click here for a free quote on your boat.

Protect your investment!